Norvin is a private real estate investment and operating company with a nationwide focus on core and opportunistic investments in the healthcare sector. Since its founding in 1998, Norvin has worked closely with health systems, operators and other constituents in the healthcare community. Norvin distinguishes itself by providing a deep understanding of and appreciation for the unique capital and real estate issues within the constantly evolving healthcare industry. The Norvin team combines extensive capital markets experience, real estate operating capabilities and financial agility to provide superior risk-adjusted returns on our investments.


Capital— Norvin’s capital sources are primarily multi-generational investors with a focus on wealth preservation and long-term holding periods. We are not a REIT, opportunistic or institutional fund with rigid investment parameters. We are a nimble organization with the ability to act quickly on an all-cash basis.

Creativity—As a landlord to nonprofit and for-profit healthcare providers, we are familiar with the many unique issues that affect tenants of this type and recognize the need for flexibility and creativity. We have the ability to structure transactions to address each tenant or seller’s specific circumstances and objectives. Such transactions have included tax-exempt structures, joint ventures, ground leases and other creative investment and capital strategies. 

Culture—From our extensive experience working with healthcare professionals, we are sensitive to the enduring relationship that often follows a healthcare provider’s sale or long-term lease of a property. The monetization of a healthcare property, especially those tenanted by a nonprofit or community provider, is often the beginning of a long-term relationship. In order for that relationship to succeed, we must recognize the importance of developing an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the institution’s needs, values and culture.


Norvin serves as a landlord to many of the largest and most esteemed health systems nationwide.